About me

ludwine probst portrait

A background in Mathematics & Computer Science

When asked the classic question ‘What’s your favorite subject in school?’, I was always torn between mathematics and drawing. After completing a scientific preparatory class, it was only natural for me to pursue my studies in mathematics at university, fully dedicating myself to this discipline.

However, life always holds surprises, and at the end of my Master’s degree, I decided to make a professional shift by venturing into the field of computer science. Unfortunately, in 2016, my trajectory was abruptly stopped by burnout. It was then time to reevaluate my life and reconnect with my dreams. I decided to give myself a well-deserved creative break!

One day, while browsing through the art store in my neighborhood, I came across a promising flyer and decided to make the call…

That was the beginning of a new adventure!

before the botanical revelation

This marked the beginning of my watercolor journey in the fall of 2016, when I joined artist Catherine Maria-Chapel‘s studio in Paris.

As a newbie in watercolor, I had a limited view of the technique: landscapes, flowers… all in a ‘wet’ style. However, upon discovering portraits and botanical works in the studio, I realized all the possibilities that watercolour had to offer.

The realistic charm of botanical art immediately drew me in, leading me to explore its techniques. Over months, I improved alongside international botanical artists, notably Helen Allen of the The Chelsea School of Botanical Art and Dianne Sutherland.

This experience broadened my understanding of watercolour and allowed me to explore my artistic talent further.

To this day, I continue to refine my skills in watercolour, drawing, and ink.

Learning remains a core value for me, and I am constantly open to new sources of inspiration and opportunities for growth.

I also believe in the importance of collaboration and exchange with other illustrators and artists. Working alongside my fellow illustrators allows me to learn from their expertise and experience.

Idea exchanges and creative discussions are invaluable sources of inspiration and artistic development.

To be today, a botanical and scientific illustrator

Today, I have found a balance in this ‘tug-of-war’: I structure my weeks between my activities related to computer science and those related to art. While the choice to reconcile scientific thinking and art often surprises people I meet, I believe it is connected.

In my artistic approach, I find what I love about mathematics: I enjoy understanding and delving into subjects, and I adore the scientific approach found in botanical and scientific illustration, as well as the combination of precision and aesthetics.

while sharing my knowledge and experience during classes

I take pleasure in sharing all my tips and little secrets with my students, based on my experience, to facilitate their learning. I am committed to ensuring that they acquire the basics and techniques that will allow them to explore subjects of their choice.

Since I was 18, I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and passion. I started with mathematics, then computer science, and finally watercolor.

Every time I stand in front of my students, I am driven by the desire to inspire them and help them develop their skills. I adapt my teaching style according to their needs and personal goals, in order to create a positive and encouraging learning environment.

Find me on my Instagram account where I share tips, updates, and my latest creations.